The picture book to talk with children
about adult organ transplantation.

This booklet provides a tool to explain this complex topic to young children in a
light-hearted manner and discuss what is happening in a family during this
suspenseful and uncertain time.

Reading together, looking together. On the couch or during bedtime reading. Or your child can flip through the brightly colored book on their own. By reading the story together repeatedly, your child gets an understanding of what is about to happen.

Reading moments provide your child with the opportunity to ask questions and they give you as a parent the chance to talk with your child about your own situation.

Designed for parents awaiting an organ transplant, for grandparents, for professionals, actually for anyone who wants to talk to young children about transplantation.

The SuperStory series consists of two picture books: the SuperStory about kidney transplantation and about liver transplantation, available in multiple languages.




You can securely pay with iDeal or Bancontact on this website. I send the booklets with PostNL in a bubble envelope that fits through the letterbox, including Track & Trace. The shipping costs for the Netherlands are €4.95 (PostNL with Track & Trace). The shipping costs for Belgium, France, Germany, and Luxembourg are €9.40 (PostNL + Track & Trace). I naturally ship to many more countries.
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"To get straight to the point: Thank you! Thank you for writing the beautiful picture book about undergoing a liver transplant." 


"It really helps to explain to the children in an easy way what is approximately going to happen. It also provides some calmness in a difficult time."

— Loes

"This booklet is about a mom getting a kidney transplant, but I told the story as a grandma. It works perfectly. I highly recommend it!"

— Grandmother Harma

"A delightful and easily written book on such a loaded topic. We have already given it to several patients with young children."

— Nurse Catharina Ziekenhuis

About the author and illustrator

"With this booklet, I hope to provide parents and children with support during this challenging and uncertain time. I hope your fairy tale ends just as beautifully as ours."

"In 2019, I received a new liver. My children, Tom and Bo, were two and four years old at the time. It was the best gift ever: I can now chase after my children again and be the mother I want to be.

Before the transplant, it was a different story. Unfortunately, I know all too well what it's like to be a sick mother. During the time I was on the waiting list, I searched for a way to explain to my young children why their mother had lost her strength. Something tangible that could support them when I was in the hospital. Since I couldn't find anything, I wrote this story myself. As a designer and illustrator, I was able to create this picture book for parents in the same situation as we were back then."


Customization and larger quantities

Various transplant centers and hospitals have the SuperStory picture books available in the waiting room on the reading table. Some provide the booklet to young families and order a larger quantity. Is this something for you? Please do let me know
Do you need a slightly customized booklet for your healthcare institution, department, or school/university? That's possible! I also provide completely customized solutions, including not only booklets but also posters, flyers, and other materials.

I am undergoing a transplant myself, not my child. Is this the right booklet?

Yes! In the booklet, the mother receives a new liver or kidney. So, the booklet is indeed intended for the situation where a parent is undergoing a transplant.

For which age is the booklet?

It varies; every child is different. The booklet is written for children aged 1 to 7, but it could also be used by and for older children. They can read the booklet themselves and even read it aloud to their surroundings or, for example, in class to explain what is happening at home.

Can I personalize the booklet?

Yes, there is space for that at the back of the booklet. There are pages with lines to write down how your own SuperStory unfolds, and there is a page where the child can draw your SuperFamily or where you can stick a photo of your family.

How can I get a booklet?

The booklet can be ordered right here in the webshop.
Payment is easy through iDeal (Netherlands) or Bancontact (Belgium).
Don't you have these options? Please send me a message. I'm happy to send it to your country as well!

Additionally, the booklet is handed out to patients and their families in various transplant and dialysis centers and is available on the reading tables in waiting rooms of hospitals.

Does the fairy tale end well?

Yes, this SuperStory has a happy ending. Although every situation is different, and recovery will vary for everyone, the choice was made to conclude this booklet positively. This way, the child gains confidence in a positive outcome.

Moreover, the booklet is based on my own story, and fortunately, everything went very smoothly for me. I hope all your fairy tales end as beautifully as ours!